Women And Children Welfare And Development Organization(WACWADO)

Build a World Where All Youth Are Safe, Strong & Valued

Who We Are

Vision: Strive to create peaceful, healthy, gender sensitive and prosperous society, where everyone Youth equally access and exercise human right with full dignity.

 Mission: Establish peaceful, healthy, gender sensitive and prosperous society, through empowerment of children, adolescents and Youth in all basic life field and improve their live condition.


To reduce vulnerability of underserved community across WACWADO operation area by increasing human right and socio- economic welfare of underserved.

Our Principles: An intersectional feminist approach is integral to full achievement of every individual human rights and socio-economic welfare.


A. Transparency

B. Inclusiveness

C. Participatory

D. Equality

E. Humanity

F. Sustainability.

What We Do

Humanitarian Aid And Disaster Response.

Sexual Reproductive Health Right And Justice

Climate And Environmental Justice.

Human Right And Gender Equality Advocacy.

Special Development Program For Underserved And Gender & Sexual Diversity(GSD)

Economic Empowerment for Underserved And GSD