Women And Children Welfare And Development Organization(WACWADO)

A nation where every single child, Youth& woman has their SRHRJ, HUMAN RIGHT, GENDER EQUALITY& JUSTICE REALIZED.


Takes the lead in advancing young people’s SRHRJ, Human Right, Gender Equality and Justice to achieve an equitable reality for all, we are dedicated to ensuring this through,

  • Elevating the voice and expertise of young people
  • Building strong values- driven community
  • Build local-national synergy of advocacy.
  • National movement building
  • Fully youth led program setting and implementation.

Purpose:  Work together in a collaborative and coordinated manners with other youth led CSO/NGOs to achieve our desire of SRHRJ, Human Right, Gender Equality and Justice to youth by youth in Ethiopia.

Values: Integrity, Justice, Transparency, Accountability, Collaboration, Ownership, Inclusivity, Equality and Equity


  • Promote change of poorly drafted policy and law.
  • Promote children and youth healthy and enable environment
  • Promote community equal and equitable community sustainable development to underserved
  • Promote resilience of humanitarian crisis and disaster damage. 
  • Promote legal empowerment and justice system accountability
  • Advancing child, youth, women and SOGIESCs right through social accountability.